Updating my bose system

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KEF has updated its Q series of speakers, including our current bookshelf speaker, center-channel speaker, and subwoofer upgrade picks.

You could also buy a larger speaker system with additional rear speakers and, these days, even overhead speakers (or top-mounted speaker modules that bounce sound off the ceiling). For this guide we decided to limit ourselves to surround-sound speaker systems that ranged in price from 0 up to roughly ,500, which seems to cover the gamut that most people are looking to spend for a really good surround-sound speaker system.

You could spend less, but less-expensive systems, almost without exception, comprise much smaller speakers, which makes it more difficult to achieve a satisfying blend between the main speakers (responsible for delivering most of the midrange and high-frequency sounds) and the subwoofer (which generates deep bass).

It may not pack quite as much punch as the larger systems (none of the compact speaker systems we auditioned did), but it’s still a delightfully dynamic system with great dialogue clarity and a much bigger sound that you’d expect from such small speakers.

I’ve had the good fortune of reviewing high-end audio gear, as well as affordable consumer-level speakers, receivers, and other home theater components, for more than a decade now.

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