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The unit second in command is Josh Snyder (no relation), he has been reenacting over 7 years and is also the unit commander for F Co .

2Bn 442Rct, a US WWII living history and reenacting organization.

This unit is out of the Northeast, with many members in the New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania area.

The 8th Kürassier-Regiment was not a front-line infantry unit; although its men and officers certainly saw front-line service, the eight Prussian Kürassier regiments were heavy cavalry units; whose duties changed substantially as the war progressed.

The 12th Minenwerfer Kompagnie is the only dedicated mortar unit within the Great War Association (GWA).

Twice a year, we gather with other member units for a private battle at the GWA owned site, outside of Newville, Pennsylvania for a weekend of living history and recreated battles.

(Click on the Unit Banners or Names to go to their respective pages) An "old-line" GWA unit, the "Leib Regiment" portrays one of the Bavarian elite units.

The unit is lead by Chris Snyder who has been in involved with the WWI and WWII German reenacting community for about 14 years.One of the original founding units of the GWA, the 20. 23 is a reenacting and living history organization dedicated to learning about life on the Western Front during the First World War.MGSS has been around a long time and so has a good impression built-in. We do this through what we call "experimental archeology." Our goal is to portray typical German infantrymen of the Great War, not only by accurately recreating his appearance, but also by researching and demonstrating his life, duties and occasional pastimes as he experienced them at and near the front.Our unit is made up of people mainly from the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern and Mid-West areas of the United States.We are also full members of the Great War Association and adhere to their policies and guidelines.

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