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If you missed our previous article, please see the How to log into Webmail tutorial.For more information on this course please visit Using Email. It says that I should move the existing MX record to 100 to avoid mail bouncing when I am propagating MX records. Doing what cpanel says (leave at lowest) does work. You do want to set the local mail server MX record to 100...If you want to check your current MX records for review or troubleshooting, you may view them via the Zone Editor in the c Panel.The MX records were previously available through the email section, but this option has now been moved to the DNS Zone editor within the update version of c Panel.Simply replace the The first step in routing your mail to a third party is the obtain the MX records that party wants you to use. Google would provide you with a list of MX records to enter in.This must be entered correctly for the email to function properly: Note!However, in c Panel in inmotion the Advanced DNS page does not have type MX. Be sure to create the subdomain first, such as the "" in the link. Then, you can choose the subdomain from the drop down menu in the "Domain" section, and add the mx record.I know there is a place to add MX, but this one does not include the VALUE field which is required. Such as the example value: Priority: 10 Destination: you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

This can be accomplished through changing your MX least larger than any external mail exchange record.BUT, what also must be done is the the email routing selection MUST be changed to local... Later, after MX records are fully propagated, this should be set to REMOTE or the local server removed from MX so that spammers cannot directly address the mail server. The problem is that when I try to submit a form on the website, I get a send error.That IP address is the server that will be handling the email for your domain. These are set into a chronological priority order, where the lowest number gets priority.Incoming email checks for the server set for the lowest priority first.

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If you want to use a different tool to look at your domain routing you can use the Visual Routing tool.

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