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When you feel an addictive desire, go to the gym and do an exhausting workout. Or take psychological medication to squelch the desire.

All these and other forms of repression basically advise the addict to try to get away from his or her addictive desire.

You can develop the honesty it takes to break free.

I also know that you will encounter difficulty in getting control of your sexually addictive behaviors.

Long term success requires a positive approach that encourages and supports the addicted person's efforts to stop. Advice that works Conventional licensed therapy and the 12-step program rely on various forms of repression to try to overcome sex addiction.You're just dealing with profoundly deep feelings that you don't know how to change.I've been helping people overcome sex addiction since 1983 and I'm still learning every day. Anyone willing to be honest about his or her addiction and willing to put in effort can do it.But, you cannot overcome a sex addiction by trying to escape your sexually addictive desires because they are directly tied to your sex drive and you won't be able to successfully repress your sex drive over the long run.A further example of why conventional licensed therapy and the 12-step program fail in dealing with sex addiction is that their approaches advise the use of HALT.

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