Dating a professional fighter

Sources tell the website that the new couple hit it off while training at Unbreakable gym in Los Angeles, Calif.

Since then, Lovato has been maintaining her new relationship long distance while she tours with Nick Jonas. Well, remember that tattoo Lovato, 24, recently got on her pinky finger? Meanwhile, Lovato admits she had an easier time distancing herself from the Disney image (as opposed to Jonas) because of her stint in rehab.

Following her split with Wilmer Valderrama in June, the singer was rumored to have hooked up with MMA fighter Guilherme Vasconcelos last month.

Whether you're already doing this or want to begin to pursue your boxing dreams, there's no better time than now to start taking the steps you need to take in order to become a professional boxer.

Oh, and if you're outside of what the ad wants?

Skip it.: Focus on posting an ad instead of replying to them, and know that there's a good chance it'll get flagged within 24 hours. There are a great number of folks on CL who are bitter, angry and/or frustrated with their lack of hooking up, and they'll automatically assume anyone who seems 'normal' is a prostitute.

I get a lot of flack for including Ok Cupid in so many of my recommended reviews, likely because the site does seem to cater to folks looking for something outside of the mainstream.

For a geek like me, this is fantastic, and for anyone preferring more casual interactions, the site is a hotbed for fun, creative, quirky folks that are okay with hooking up, polyamory, and all sorts of experimentation.

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Use the search feature heavily, and make sure to only contact ladies whose criteria state they're after someone just like you.

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