Consolidating my college loans

After signing up with another company and paying all this ridiculous money up I found out For 6 months that they did nothing.Luckily I found out about student loan guidance they were able to fix what the other company destroyed reset my position to good standing and the best part is they are like h&rblock but for student loan literally payed and hired them to handle it so I don't have to worry about it..At least not without some type of assistance……Thankfully, There are Government approved programs that offer relief to people like yourself.Whether it’s Income-Based Repayment, Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)/Student Loan Forgiveness, Disability Discharge or Student Loan Consolidation, we explain everything to you in detail.

If you have Federal student loans you may qualify for any of the student loan forgiveness programs that are available to borrowers.

but honestly I recommend this company not only to my friends and family but to any one who follows me on here and reads this review..

Being a single mother, I was extremely hesitant on moving forward with this program for multiple reasons.

When you get started you’ll be provided with your own dedicated student loan expert.

They’ll work closely with you to ensure questions are answered and the plan designed for you is properly executed.

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