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I wondered if she was on drugs or something, so I reached out and tried to pry one of her eyelids open to get a good look at her pupil. Unfortunately for her, my hair-trigger reflexes went into overdrive and in less time than it takes to tell I buried my fist in her gut, and when she doubled over, my knee split her cunt lips apart bringing up whatever she had eaten last.Dana made a nice mess on her rug, but that was her problem. I'd evidently stumbled onto some weird stuff involving this crazy, and maybe those twins she used to con me to come over here.I wondered if they were just a figment of her demented imagination.I raised my hand and she cowered, holding her gut and trying to catch some air to replace what she'd lost when I retaliated to her scratching.I'd seen plenty of studs but never something like this. My guess was that this had been done by the same bunch who had marked her up. Her face tried to break into a smile, but instead she looked like some mask one might wear on Halloween to scare the little kids when they came to the door.Asking where her twins were got only more mumbling and hand gestures, but the head shaking did indicate that she was clueless when it came to their whereabouts.Less than two weeks later I was contacted by Dana Thompson to come to her home for an interview. I began to wonder if this was some kind of a test, and that got me really pissed off.

I was nervous about what might be behind that door, but I opened it and looked. There were puddles of vomit and piss in a number of places.

Her cunt had taken plenty of pounding, externally as well as internally.

I could see the cum still oozing from that thin pussy slit.

She had deep marks on her wrists and ankles, probably from the ropes they'd used to make her more cooperative.

Asking Dana what happened only got me some pointing and mumbling.

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I was maybe a minute away from breaking a window when the door opened and my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

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  1. Old Persian which is a testament to the antiquity of the Persian language and which is related to most of the languages/dialects spoken in Iran including modern Persian, the Kurdish languages, and Gilaki makes it clear that Iranians referred to themselves as Arya.