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Together, this region is known as the " Central Belt "..

Other main centres of population are in the east and north east of the country and particularly the east coast, in the counties of Fife, Angus, Aberdeenshire and the cities of Dundee and Aberdeen..

So the Angles arrived on the east coast around North Berwick.

So the Angles arrived on the east coast around North Berwick..

England, as is the case with Scotland, forms only a part of Britain and the United Kingdom.

In fact, England does not exist as an administrative unit in its own right..

Scotland is a small country about half the size of England, constituting the northern part of the island of Britain.

On 18 September 2014, after 18 months of debate, a referendum on independence was held, but it failed to garner a majority..Many of the larger islands are inhabited, although there are hundreds of small islands with no human population..Scotland works on the same time zone as the rest of the United Kingdom.However, since the Roman occupation affected mostly just the south of the island of Britain, Scotland was unaffected as it had been even at the great battle at Mons Graupius.Because the grip of Roman hegemony had now loosened, all sorts of invaders now saw the island as open season.

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There are many rivers, with the Tay, Forth, Clyde, Dee, Don, Spey and Ness being prominent..

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